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Jaami’ah Muhammadiyah Islamic Academy is an Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah institution, offering a range of unique and flexible, online and blended learning courses, which enable our students to practically apply the knowledge taught in their daily lives. Our courses include the Diploma in Islamic Studies, Part Time,Full Time Alim & Alima courses.

Although we cover all the Islamic subjects comprehensively our main speciality is in Da’wah and Tazkiyah (Purification of Soul and Da’wah). We believe that as well as Ta’leem (knowledge), there should also be a strong emphasis on the practical teachings of Islam (Tarbiyah). Knowledge (Ilm) alone will not suffice until the correct application of this ilm is not put into practice.

Our aim is to teach the inner and outer dimensions of these subjects to help you in your journey towards the pleasure of Allah and at the same time to make your learning experience as beneficial and straight forward as possible.

The ultimate purpose of life is to please Allah the Majestic, however, without knowledge of these subjects a person will not know how to please his Lord. The consequences of this could be catastrophic in the hereafter if a person is not forgiven by Allah the Exalted.



We have a range of part time, full time and short courses which develop deep thinking about the purpose of life, delivered professionally by subject experts.

Open Day Enrollment Event for September 2023

We offer a wide range of life changing Islamic Courses to achieve the personal, social and religous growth in every aspect of life.

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    Join out Open Day to avail a life changing opportunity to purify your Deen and Dunya with our practical courses.

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    Open Day Event – Enrollment For September 2023

    Discover the Path to Knowledge and Enlightenment! Join Us at the Open Day Enrollment Event for Islamic Courses.
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